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Overland Park, Kansas
My name is Kate, I'm 19 years old, and on March 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I was told I had to get my left kidney removed- praise the Lord I have two! A month later they took out my kidney and told me the tumor was benign! I worship a God of miracles! I am a desperately dependent follower of Christ, who feeds on God's Word like manna! I know the healing hand of God and I believe He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me! I started this blog to communicate continued prayer requests, keep people up to date on my health and daily life, and most importantly share how Christ's love is transforming my heart everyday! Thank you for all your support! God Bless! PS I love to know who is reading the blog so comments are much encouraged and loved :)

Friday, January 21, 2011


So today I'm in shoe carnival and as I walked in I saw a front display of TOMS and got excited that shoe carnival would sell them but as I got closer I noticed the huge sign that says "BOBS by Skechers, Every pair gives a pair to a child in need". My eyes got all bug eyed as I picked up one of the shoes on display. WHAT THE HECK?!?! It was the same EXACT shoe as TOMS. For some reason I this feeling of bewilderment and a little anger. I started thinking, "They completely copied them!! Thats so dumb! They just want to copy a successful business model and tac on philanthropy for the money!" I immediately called Louie to tell him how crazy I thought this was. I was freaking out telling him about it and his first response was, "Well thats awesome that more kids in need get shoes." SMACK! Wow thank you God for adding a little taste of perspective to my life. Who is supposed judge the motives of the heart??.... eh not me! My job is to give praise to The Provider that used a huge shoe company to provide children in need with shoes. It got me to thinking about how God is never limited to who He can use to accomplish his plan. We can't judge others and say that they could never be used by God in that way because they're not a believer or they are not "good enough". And on the other side you can't tell yourself that your inadequacies are too great to be used by God. What a valuable nugget of truth from God. So thankful for a boyfriend that loves the Lord so much and gives me loving correction when I need it :) 1 Peter 1:3! So yet again I am reminded that it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me; therefore I must be stripped of the flesh DAILY! Even when my flesh has a passionate loathing for Skechers for making those ridiculous Shape-up shoes (I apologize for my sassiness if you wear them- if they tighten your hiney, then more power to ya girlfriend)! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

worry warts

So I started up my first day of classes today but I felt the enemy hit me with a wave of anxiety. Only the enemy can create anxiety in your heart like this! I actually had a great first day of classes but I could feel my brain going a million miles an hour with worries of the world... syllabuses, homework, sorority life, projects in studio, taking 16 hrs, just trying to start the semester off right!! I had to stop myself and just pause to dive into God's Word to be reminded of what He says about anxiety. "And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?" Matthew 6:27. I love Jesus' sarcasm... BRILLIANT! haha! He's trying to give us a reality check. I encourage you to read Matthew 6:25-34 to just reflect on God's sovereignty over our lives and that there is NO REASON to be anxious about anything... ANYTHING! I just love being reminded of biblical truths like this because so many times my head knows it but my heart does not reflect it. This would be an awesome prayer request for the week. I would love to know any prayer requests of any other worry wart bloggees out there, so feel free to comment your little hearts away :) peace, love, and deep breaths!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

bend and SNAP (hehe i think im witty)

So two weeks ago I finally got my new camera and I am in LOVE!!! I've had so much fun snappin' away! It was so awesome to get it right before my trip to Tucson! Speaking of.... the trip was AMAZING and such a blessing to be able to spend a whole week with Louie and his family! I can't wait to visit again :) That is a whole other blog post though! But the day I got home I took some amateur senior pictures of my sweet friend Morgan! I was actually really pleased on how they turned out... so enough with the chit chat.... here's a small taste of my new obsession! Let your eyes feast!!!!!