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Overland Park, Kansas
My name is Kate, I'm 19 years old, and on March 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I was told I had to get my left kidney removed- praise the Lord I have two! A month later they took out my kidney and told me the tumor was benign! I worship a God of miracles! I am a desperately dependent follower of Christ, who feeds on God's Word like manna! I know the healing hand of God and I believe He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me! I started this blog to communicate continued prayer requests, keep people up to date on my health and daily life, and most importantly share how Christ's love is transforming my heart everyday! Thank you for all your support! God Bless! PS I love to know who is reading the blog so comments are much encouraged and loved :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

My blog layout has been lookin' a little lame-o if ya ask me. I love all the layouts on shabbyblogs.com but I'm having trouble figuring out how to apply them to my blog so if there are any blog fanatics out there, give me a shout! I'm slightly incompetent when it comes to these things. ha! I think I'm going to turn this post into a buffet of random goodies going on in my life right now... I just started this book called Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy. I've only dug into the beginning of it but it is REALLY good so far. One of my best friends loaned it to me and she said it was amazing! Im excited to get deeper in it. Work in the studio has been cut back a lot this week after that insane photorealistic project, which has been so refreshing and much needed! This week I have two tests and a 6 page paper due so I'm feelin' a little anxious over that! EEK! I went to the Ben Rector concert this week and it was INCREDIBLE!!! The openers were phenominal too... check out Goose and Drew Holcomb on iTunes... They'll melt your face! Hmm what else?... OH, haha, funny story... last night I was in my dorm working on homework (like any other cool kid does on a saturday night). Everything on campus was closed and I don't have a car so I cant drive anywhere and I was STARVING!! I was skyping with Louie (ok I suck at keeping secrets... yes Louie is "the boy"... there, its out now... ya happy?! haha) and whining about how hungry I was. NO idea how he thought of this, but he decides to get on Dominos Pizza's website and order me a pizza from the comfort of his own home in TUCSON ARIZONA!!! haha sure enough, twenty minutes later a hot delicious pizza is delivered to my dorm! Oh my word it was sooo gooood! I don't think pizza has ever been so satisfying! haha! Seriously.... WHO DOES THIS!?!? Raise your hand if you think I should keep this boy around............. yeah I think so too! haha! Well I definitely need to get better at updating the blog more often but I feel like I say that in every post! Hope yall have a fantastic week :) peace, love, and pumpkin spice lattes!

this post needed a little color... eh here's a random pic from a pep rally for your viewing pleasure :)