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My name is Kate, I'm 19 years old, and on March 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I was told I had to get my left kidney removed- praise the Lord I have two! A month later they took out my kidney and told me the tumor was benign! I worship a God of miracles! I am a desperately dependent follower of Christ, who feeds on God's Word like manna! I know the healing hand of God and I believe He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me! I started this blog to communicate continued prayer requests, keep people up to date on my health and daily life, and most importantly share how Christ's love is transforming my heart everyday! Thank you for all your support! God Bless! PS I love to know who is reading the blog so comments are much encouraged and loved :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

18 reasons why i look up to my little sister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET 18 YEAR OLD SISTER! Mom's freaking out that all her kids are "adults" now!! This time last year I was home from the hospital recovering and was stealing all the attention. I actually was getting presents from people on HER birthday! She was such a champ about it though! But this is her day today :) There are so many reasons I admire Megan so to honor her today I decided to sum up with 18 reasons why I look up to her:
1) Megan is such an amazing leader and people are drawn to follow her even though she demands no authority.
2) Megan is creative. She is the most crafty person I know. She would make BANK if she sold all the adorable headbands, frames, and darling nic nacs she makes!
3) Megan is free-spirited and fun loving. Whenever I'm being a sour puss she always turns my attitude around.
4) Megan is funny. Any guy would even admit that the whole "girls are not funny" stereotype doesn't apply to her. She is quick and witty and could make you laugh at anything she said!
5) Megan is talented. I'm totally jealous of Meg's mad skills on the guitar. I wish she would play more for an audience because she's really impressive.
6) Megan is self disciplined. She literally can accomplish ANYTHING she sets her mind to.
7) Megan is tidy. I wish I had her neatness skills. Lets just say at the end of the week our rooms look completely different.
8) Megan is photogenic. Just LOOK AT HER!!
9) Megan is a friend. This is one of her most admirable qualities to me! She is not only kind to everyone but she is so infectious that she could befriend anyone!
10) Megan is confident in everything she does. Not in a prideful way at all. She is a role model to so many girls, including me, because of the way she holds herself.
11) Megan loves Jesus. She not only loves Him but she lives her life out for Him.
12) Megan is a list-maker. Silly but its true. She gets joy out of crossing things off her to-do list and therefore never wastes a day. She got the "organized genes"!
13) Megan is genuine. She never says anything she doesn't mean or contradicts her words with her actions.
14) Megan is a cutie pie! She is sweet and caring and stylish. Da fellas be linin' up ;)
15) Megan has a corrective spirit. I look up to her so much because of this. She is quick to listen and show humility whenever corrected.
16) Megan is a goof. nuff said.
17) Megan is loving. Her first instinct is to love people. Not to judge or condemn.
18) Megan is the best sister a one-kidneyed girl could ask for! LOVE YA BABA SEESTER :) I hope you have an amazing day!!!