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Overland Park, Kansas
My name is Kate, I'm 19 years old, and on March 4th 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I was told I had to get my left kidney removed- praise the Lord I have two! A month later they took out my kidney and told me the tumor was benign! I worship a God of miracles! I am a desperately dependent follower of Christ, who feeds on God's Word like manna! I know the healing hand of God and I believe He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me! I started this blog to communicate continued prayer requests, keep people up to date on my health and daily life, and most importantly share how Christ's love is transforming my heart everyday! Thank you for all your support! God Bless! PS I love to know who is reading the blog so comments are much encouraged and loved :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the unmentionables!

Tomorrow is my surgery! O MY WORD that is crazy talk! haha! So I thought of a silly and kinda fun way to remember to pray for me on my surgery day! I propose that everyone wear purple underwear (aka the unmentionables) tomorrow so that every time they go to the bathroom they remember to pray for me AND praise God that they have two beautifully working kidneys! haha! Bought my pair today! I choose purple because it's my favorite color and its the national cancer society color! hahaha this whole idea just makes me giggle! Have fun with it... heck go a little crazy... and keep prayin! PURPLE POWER [double fist pump]!!

Monday, March 29, 2010


So we talked to the doctors today (drumroll please).......... aaaaaand my surgery is scheduled for 1:30 THIS Thursday, April 1st at St. Luke's South!!!! YAAAAAAYAYAYAYAY! I literally screamed when they told me! It kinda makes me laugh that its on April Fools Day though! Maybe when I show up to the hospital they'll say, "April Fools! No Tumor!" haha not likely! Anyway Thursday I will probably be just be seeing family after the surgery and I'll slowly start seeing visitors on friday! Thank you so much for all your prayers because they have been answered! God is soo good! Now we need to start praying for the surgery itself! Hopefully this news is an encouragement of the power of prayer! Keep it up!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The last two days have been a little frustrating! As you know my original surgery date got cancelled for more tests! The tests went well so thank you thank you for those prayers! Anyway, because we cancelled that surgery we are having a hard time rescheduling another surgery date for this week! They are saying that the soonest might be in another week or two! UGH! The problem with that is the farther my surgery gets pushed back, the farther my recovery days get pushed back and I have prom, graduation, and rest of my senior year that I wanna be able to enjoy! The doctors offices are closed until Monday so we have this weekend to just pray and wait for them to call back with the soonest date they can do it! The nurses said they would do their best to try to work something out for this week but they said chances were looking slim because they have to find a time when both surgeons can work together! Pretty much only a cancellation this week would open up a slot for me! I believe whole heartedly that my God answers prayers! Please be praying for a divine intervention in the doctor's schedule or a cancellation! PRAY PRAY PRAY! This is sooo important to me! My family and I are so ready to get this surgery done! Thank you for your prayers!


Thought I would include some of my favorite pics from my mission trip that highlights some of my favorite memories!! ENJOY (ps they kinda go backwards from end to beginning)
Ally and I snorkeling which was quite the sight to see! haha the experience was more humorous than adventurous to say the least!

Bethany, D, and I sitting on top of the altar at the Mayan ruins! SOO COOL!!! might have been my favorite part of the trip! we also climbed to the top of that huge temple behind us too! it was LEGIT!

Danielle and I hanging out with the kiddos at VBS! ok so THIS might have been my favorite part of the trip! Deborah (green shirt) and I got pretty close! the kids just loved to be loved! we also thought that bunny ears were hilarious! haha

Ok so this is us walking off the plane and freaking out with excitement that we are in BELIZE! I just love this pic!